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Activity rules 100 MYR free credit can be withdrawn, press add Line Telegram Line only.

** Please read the rules completely **

918kiss free 100 MYR

100 MYR free credit activity # 918kiss,
press to receive activity rules at Telegram Line only.

Starting on May 17, 2019 from 11.00 am onwards. (For members only)
*** Free Giveaway Events credits held for 24 hours. ***
Press to add offline activities fouls 24 hours.

Activity conditions get 100 MYR free credit (slot zone only)


1.Take pictures from admin Share in line group (Line) at least 5 groups (in groups must have 30 or more people) ** If no Line group Can be at least 6 Facebook groups (3000+ people in a group)
2.Post at least 10 comments under the Facebook group comments (Free credit slots group only)

* All photo caps are sent to the staff waiting for review. Do not delete. If deleted, you will not be able to withdraw money. *
(Please wait calmly. Because they have to wait for the staff to verify the accuracy first)

# Complete the rules above. Then register for credit as follows
1. Register membership by yourself at >>>
2.Send a user + your real name + account number + phone number + take a picture of your ID card. To match registered at ID LINE: @ TGM1688 only
3. Waiting to verify all information and IP (duplicate more than 2 users immediately disqualified) including receiving a queue card
4. Get 100 MYR free credit, top up to the user immediately (5 times turn, maximum withdrawal 300 MYR) can play only the slot zone
5. Before withdrawing money, must deposit to the website 200 MYR (add to user)
6. Transfer money back 300 MYR for the registered account only.
If we detect fraud We will disqualify you without prior notice.


** Note: 『918kisstgm』 has absolute power to make decisions or make changes in connection with this activity. Without prior notice,
however, we are deemed to have fully informed the rules If customers do not read the activity rules We are not responsible for this.
If the customer breaches the terms of the rules We will immediately disqualify And there will be no allowances With our absolute promotion rules

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* for new members, get free credit 100 MYR
1. First deposit promotion get 80% (12 times turn)
2. All deposit promotion get 10% (turn 5 times)
Minimum transfer 100 MYR, minimum withdrawal 300 MYR
** Get a True Wallet

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918kiss | 918 kiss free credit

918kiss online slots give away 100 MYR free credit
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